As a strong believer in the value of constructive dialogue between academia and business community as well between theory and practice, I combine my academic work with business consulting, in order to offer customized, analytically robust and theoretically informed solutions that are grounded in empirical reality.

My consulting work is focused in the following areas:

  • Global business management
  • Market entry strategies
  • Country and market studies
  • Geopolitical risks
  • International relations and foreign policy.

Some of my recent consulting work includes:

  • A political and economic risk analysis of Uzbekistan for a multinational company with regional HQ in Istanbul.
  • Market entry advice for a Chinese information technologies company interested in the Turkish market.
  • China business guide, commissioned by a Turkish public institution.
  • Comprehensive China strategy for a Turkish business association.
  • Comprehensive Korea strategy for a Turkish business association.
  • Analysis of Turkish economic sanctions for a London-based organization.

I am often invited by corporations and non-profit organizations to deliver talks on issues related to global politics and economy. My topics cover:

  • Rise of China as a global powerhouse.
  • Asian economies and international relations.
  • Turkey in the Asia-Pacific Century.
  • Economics of Turkish foreign policy
  • Global risks in an age of uncertainty.