As a strong believer in the value of constructive dialogue between academia and business community as well between theory and practice, I combine my academic work with business consulting, in order to offer customized, analytically robust and theoretically informed solutions that are grounded in empirical reality. I offer consulting services through the company I have founded, Atlı Global.



Atlı Global provides business advisory services for clients navigating the dynamics of a rapidly transforming global economy, helping them to understand and adapt to changes, hedge against risks, and make the best of growth opportunities. We analyze economic, geopolitical, policy related and regulatory dynamics that impact our clients’ market entry, strategic planning, M&A and investments in their respective markets. We equip our clients with customized, timely, data driven, analytically robust and theoretically informed solutions that are grounded in empirical reality in order to help them make their business decisions.

Our solutions cover a wide yet carefully crafted range of areas including business intelligence and analysis; market entry and strategy consultancy; political and economic risk advisory; and corporate executive education. We work through knowledge networks enabling us to structure teams of senior experts that are most suitable for the task in hand.

Our headquarters is based in Istanbul, Turkey, one of the most vibrant cities of the world, a Eurasian business hub connecting the two continents of Europe and Asia. Our clientele consists overwhelmingly of global companies interested in doing business in Turkey and the wider Middle East region, as well as Turkish companies and multinationals headquartered in Turkey with operations abroad.

As the world changes fast, very fast, your company needs to adapt. We are here to help.

For more information, please visit Atlı Global web site.